Project Developer

Millennium Pipeline Company, LLC
Pearl River, New York


Location MapTen acres on Hungry Hill in the Town of Hancock in Delaware County, New York. The map to the left shows where the project is located in the Town of Hancock.

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This project will have one 15,000 horsepower natural gas turbine-driven centrifugal compressor to increase pressure--and thereby throughput capacity--on the Millennium pipeline in Delaware County. The compressor will be fueled by natural gas coming off the line and will be housed in an enclosed building. The compressor station will be screened to limit its view from the road.

Building Details:

Approximately 90' x 60' at a height of 34' with one stack reaching approximately 52'

Control building: Approximately 36' x 100' at a height of 21'

Projected In-service Date

November 2013

Construction Budget

Approximately $37 million with a labor payroll of approximately $12 million

Estimated Construction Jobs

75- 90

Noise Levels

The project will comply with FERC requirements that limit the sound level contribution of the Station to an Ldn of 55 dBA at existing Noise Sensitive Areas (NSAs), which include residences near the Station.

Noise Mitigation Measures

The project design includes state-of-the-art noise control technology that includes:
• high performance two-stage exhaust system;
• high performance two-stage inlet air system;
• low noise lube air cooler;
• placing piping below grade; and
• an acoustically-designed compressor building to contain the compressor unit noise.

Air Emissions

As a minor emissions source, air quality will be minimally affected. The primary air emissions expected from this project are from the combustion of natural gas in the compressor turbine. The compressor will be equipped with "lean pre-mix" dry low nitrogen oxide (NOx) combustors to limit NOx. NOx emissions, as well as carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) emissions will be below required limits.

Customers Supporting this Expansion

Southwestern Energy Services Company
WPX Energy


This project will be permitted under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) interstate natural gas facility permitting process.


The compressor station will be monitored 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year from Millennium's remote monitoring facility. This facility can shut down the compressor station very quickly if readings register outside accepted operating standards.


The entire site will be fenced in by an seven-foot-high chain link fence with 3 strand barb wire. In addition, security cameras and an alarm system will protect against unauthorized entry onto the premises.

Public Outreach

Millennium understands it is a guest within the host communities where its projects are located. As such, we make extra efforts to ensure that our neighbors, public officials and others impacted by the project are kept up-to-date on project developments. To ensure this is accomplished Millennium is undertaking the following public outreach activities:

• Meeting with elected officials and other community leaders to share details of the project and work with them to address the community's needs;
• Direct mail communications to neighbors surrounding the project;
• Media briefings and press releases about key milestones and events to keep the public at-large informed;
• Informational advertising in local media;
• An informational open house and other outreach initiatives to provide the public with the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the project; and
• A website, e-mail address and local phone number where the public may learn more about the project and contact Millennium.
• Dedicated local project phone: 607-304-9020
• E-mail:
• Website:

Local Contact

Mike Armiak
(607) 304-9020