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Natural gas is an abundant fuel that can help deliver cleaner air and dramatically improve the quality of our environment. It helps to power economic expansion, jobs and a transition away from the higher-impact fuels of the 20th century like coal and oil. Natural gas is a domestically-produced fuel that keeps more of our energy dollars here at home, rather than sending them to unstable parts of the world. At Millennium, we work every day to ensure that our core values stay in focus. In simple terms, our goals as residents of the Northeast, is to contribute to an enhanced quality of life for our friends, family and neighbors through the safe, efficient and environmentally-sound delivery of this 21st-century fuel.

Our goal is for every interaction you have with the Millennium team to be a positive one. If it is not, we encourage you to contact us at info@millenniumpipleline.com so that we can make it right.


December 22, 1997 (and as supplemented on July 7, 1998) - Millennium Pipeline requested authority from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to construct, acquire and operate a new, large diameter natural gas pipeline system extending from a proposed interconnect with facilities to be constructed by TransCanada Pipelines Limited at the International Boundary between the United States and Canada in Lake Erie to a point in Westchester County, New York. The proposed infrastructure was required to meet increasing demand for natural gas in the Northeast.

December 19, 2001 - The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued an Interim Order.

September 19, 2002 - The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issues an Order Issuing Certificates approving the Project. After lengthy environmental review and a changing natural gas marketplace, the Millennium Pipeline was reconfigured as part of the Northeast (NE)-07 Project.

August 1, 2005 - Millennium filed at FERC to amend its certificate proposing interconnects with Empire State Pipeline at Corning, NY; Algonquin Gas Transmission at Ramapo, NY; and Orange & Rockland Utilities, New York State Electric & Gas Corporation, and Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation.

December 21, 2006 - The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued an order amending the certificate issued to Millennium in the original Order. The amended Order reduced the length and size of the Millennium Pipeline, added a compressor station and allowed interconnecting pipelines to construct facilities for Millennium shippers.

June 22, 2007 - The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authorized Millennium to commence construction.

December 22, 2008 - Millennium Pipeline went in service. Anchor shippers were National Grid, ConEd, Central Hudson Gas and Electric and Columbia Gas Transmission.

Traditional natural gas markets are expected to grow in the Northeast as efforts increase to improve air quality. Western New York storage development supports seasonal use of natural gas and discoveries of local gas production including Marcellus Shale gas improve optionality and reliability of natural gas. Millennium Pipeline is well positioned to deliver these benefits to gas consumers.